Artist Alphabet – C

Eat the rich!

“I am poor: I live with less than 12,000 euro per year. It is not yet extreme poverty. There are 1400 billionaires in France. There were only 400 (approximately) in 2005. With one billion, human beings could work for 12 000 euro per year just like me: 100000000: 12,000 = 84,000 people like me. So 1400 billionaires could make work 117,600,000 people like me in France. There are currently 3.24 million unemployed in France. Now you can understand the harm these people do. Now guess that there are about 30 000 billionaires in the world. (30000 : 1400)x117 600 000 = 252 000 000 000 persons could live like me if we manage to take to these 30 000 people the billion they stoled.”
— Geo”

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