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Eat the rich!

“I am poor: I live with less than 12,000 euro per year. It is not yet extreme poverty. There are 1400 billionaires in France. There were only 400 (approximately) in 2005. With one billion, human beings could work for 12 000 euro per year just like me: 100000000: 12,000 = 84,000 people like me. So 1400 billionaires could make work 117,600,000 people like me in France. There are currently 3.24 million unemployed in France. Now you can understand the harm these people do. Now guess that there are about 30 000 billionaires in the world. (30000 : 1400)x117 600 000 = 252 000 000 000 persons could live like me if we manage to take to these 30 000 people the billion they stoled.”
— Geo”


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(Duncan Grant & David Garnett ca 1914)

Click and read the sulfurious life of Duncan Grant


Geo’s Tribute to Ducan Grant 2011

 From the very inspirative piece of Ducan Grant



JULY 24 2008 10:45h

Indian Court Orders Release Of Britons


Duncan Grant and Allan John Waters had appealed against a sentencing them to 6 years in prison on charges of sodomy and assault.

An Indian court ordered the release of two Britons jailed two years ago for sexually abusing young boys at a shelter in Mumbai after acquitting them for lack of evidence, court officials said on Thursday.Duncan Grant and Allan John Waters had appealed against a 2006 verdict sentencing them to six years in prison on charges of sodomy and assault.

A higher court in India’s western city of Mumbai acquitted the pair on Wednesday, and on Thursday threw out a prosecution appeal to stay the verdict.

« The court said today it did not believe the prosecution case and refused our appeal, » Yug Mohit Chaudhry, the prosecution lawyer, told Reuters from Mumbai.

William D’Souza, an Indian national who was manager of the shelter, was also freed after three years in jail.

« All we wanted was a stay on the verdict so that we had time to appeal in the Supreme Court, because we are sure they will leave the country, » Chaudhry added.

In March 2006, Grant and Waters were found guilty by a lower court of indulging in « unnatural offences » and « using the custody of a minor for immoral purposes », lawyers said.

The Anchorage shelter for homeless boys in south Mumbai, where the crimes were alleged to have taken place, was established by Grant in 1995 with money raised in Britain.

Grant had been wanted by Indian police since 2002 after young boys staying at the shelter complained of sexual abuse.

Grant was extradited from Tanzania to Britain in 2004 following an Interpol red alert and was arrested at Mumbai airport after he arrived from London in June 2005.

Defence lawyers said the Britons were innocent and had been framed by a known paedophile, who paid boys at the home to press sodomy charges.

« They will be free as soon as the paperwork was completed, » Majid Memon, their defence lawyer, added.

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