Artist Alphabet – J


I’m a simple photographer… and at that, I photograph purely as a hobby. Photography does not pay the bills. As such, I’m not afforded the opportunity to travel to exotic locations or work in elaborate studios with limitless sets.

I’ve always wanted to play with some of the incredible software out there to create my own exotic locations and sets. Creating these backgrounds is an art in itself (and not always easy to do… as I am learning). But it is a HECK of a LOT of FUN.

This is my very first attempt to put one of my models into a bacground I created. Not ‘incredible’… but I had fun doing it and I hope to improve with each attempt.

I welcome comments and ‘constructive’ criticism. Trust me… I seriously doubt any of you will find more wrong with this image than I do (grin). I forget how many versions I’ve gone through. Time to stop and move on to another project…

Robert James (about Veiled rays of Artemis)


Get the original painting here/ Acquérez cette peinture ici.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Robert James Permanent Link (Slideshow)

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